I can't add a list of chat messages to a conversation

I am creating the chat rooms function, which I had already created with the following procedure and it worked, but now, by magic, it no longer works or something is happening to me that I don’t know what it is:

I create a collection called “conversations”, and another called “chat messages”. Both related, so that each chat message is located in your conversation. Well, when I try to select “chat messages” > “current conversation” in the personalized list, the latter does not appear as an available option… The relationship is configured as “a conversation can have multiple chat messages, a chat message only can have 1 conversation”.

Anybody knows what could be the problem?

Hi Lofi,

Can you add some screenshots? Does the Current Conversation data is available in that screen ?

Thank you

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Thanks for the reply. That was the error… The link of the conversation was wrong, that’s why the data did not appear on the message screen.

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Great and Your Welcome!

If the Data is still missing ( You can check that clicking that screen and going to the Available Data section. If the data is missing a message will appear. Like Current Conversation missing from Home screen. Patrick explains it well in the two videos) in that screen you can watch these videos made by Patrick.

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very useful! thank you!

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