Android Build Queue timer going up, pending build

I am building my app , the initial 3 builds went just fine but on my 4th build it got stock with the queue until now not moving.
I did the tip here in the other post,
I clone the app to build a new app , timer went fine going down, but after it got to 0:00 it’s now going up image

How to fix this?

Still going up :frowning:

Also, is there really no email notification once the build is done?

Sometimes there is a visual bug on the builder screen that occurs, however the build is usually already completed and refreshing the page should indicate that. If this does not work, creating a new build is the best option.

Also, is there really no email notification once the build is done?
No, this is not a feature right now but you could request it here:

Can we delete unfinished versions?
I have the impression that this affects the following versions!
The generated application is not the same as the pwa, it is an old version !

How can I do this because I am stuck.
Thank you vm !!!
I’m in trouble, can someone help me please?
and impossible to collect apple buils.

Adalo is just fantastic! you are doing an amazing job !!!*

We are working on making this experience better. However, rest assured that “Queued” builds do not affect later versions.

Ok thanks for answering my question !

I’m having the same problem. won’t allow me to build new since the first one is still loading (negative now)

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