Android Key Certificate and iOS Devices compatibility

Hello Guys,
So far I have found solutions for most of the things to migrate one of our apps to Adalo. My Fist release was built in Flutter and it is already published to the stores. So, what I am trying to do is a new version built in Adalo. So, the first question is: Since the iOS build from Flutter was set to be compatible with iPhones and iPads, now my Adalo iOS Build process to crash on the Testflight upload step because of it. Adalo seems to be setting up only for iPhones and I must keep the compatibility, otherwise, I won’t be able to publish it.

When comes to Android, the problem is the Certificate Key. I do have the key used to sign the Flutter app, but I can’t find a place in Adalo to upload it. Please let me know if I will be able to fix these 2 issues and if so, how.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @brunoribeiro,

This goes a bit beyond my knowledge so I have forwarded it on to the product team.

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