Meet fumi - The feed app for horses

Hi everyone,

It was a long journey that took me a little over a year to develop fumi - the feed app.

I learned an extreme amount during that time. About APIs, endpoint security, databases and app building. The app itself was rebuilt and tested around 5 times from scratch - be it with different backends (Adalo, Airtable & final: Xano), new designs and user interaction options or simply with changed user flow and optimized database structures - and all this alongside my normal job and private life. An incredible experience.
But besides the self-study I just have to say clearly: Without the really strong community here (and tagging all of them would be just too much), the many questions and problems you can look up, discuss and address together is an incredibly great support. I really don’t know if I would have made it this far without this great community. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!

So now to the fun part: Introducing fumi

What is fumi?
Become a feed expert for your horse
Have you ever wondered if you are really feeding your horse everything it needs? Feeding according to needs is often underestimated. Yet it can influence so many areas of our horses’ lives. From health, to performance, to general well-being. How would it be if you yourself could adjust the feeding optimally and always individually to your horse? fumi makes exactly that possible!

Currently the app is designed for the german market but after launch, we are planing to expand to countries like UK and the US (different food regulations so we have to take time here)
App on the App Store: ‎fumi im App Store
App on Play Store:


  • Create horse
    Answer some questions about your horse and its husbandry. Find out what are the basic needs of your horse.

  • Determine training week
    Create a typical training week of your horse to determine the additional energy needs of your horse.

  • Create a feed plan
    Use our feed database to create your horse’s feed plan.

  • Start fumi analyzer
    The fumi analyzer determines the current requirements of your horse and shows possible deficits in the feed plan.

  • Optimize feeding
    Use the results of the fumi analyzer to adjust the feed rations of your horse or find suitable feeds in the fumi database.

  • fumi pro
    The app is free but with the pro version (monthly/yearly subscription) more features are creating more value to the customer. Such as Calculate minerals and vitamins, discipline specific nutrient evaluation and also you are able to manage multiple horses

Fun Facts
Screens: 181 (if i have not miscounted)
API endpoints: 135
feeding stuff in database: 2.228
Status: Final app review @ Apple App Store so we will release hopefully this week


Wow, your App just looks amazing! It has big potential, respect!
May I ask you what experience you made in regards of performance and how your general roadmap is in terms of development, sales etc.?

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Wow - congrats - that is an amazing project. Looking back now - do you see a way you could have started with a smaller section of the project and got it released earlier to get users, feedback and traction while building out the other areas of the app?