API endpoints issues

Anyone else having issues with the API endpoints? I’m not getting any data back, for several hours now, and wondering if it’s just me. I’m putting in a support ticket but wondering how widespread it is.

I’m getting a status 403

Looks like the issues began around noon eastern. I have jobs that run a couple of times an hour for backup purposes and the last fully successful job ran right before noon.

Update from support

“This was triggered by a security update. That has been reverted and you should no longer be getting 403 errors.”

It looks like the endpoints are available again.


That was August, but as of yesterday morning we have the same issue, POST, GET and PUT seem to work, however DELETE reports Error 403. Klaus

Got that today too while trying to implement a external database.
As your post was yesterday: Is it fixed for you yet?

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Well I have turned off our API loop yesterday, to prevent a flood of error emails.
We are using two collections tracking equipment movements reported through an Adalo App.
Once the collection content is read and integrated in our FileMaker database the read records are deleted, also using the Adalo Api. Errors trigger emails to myself so I would be able to fix them.
That should be a rare occasion, but with the bug the records remained in the collections and have been read over and over again, always resulting in e new email.
I will do another test to see if the problem is solved. Tomorrow earliest. Klaus