Moving from Adalo to Custom Build App


We are in the process of building our own app after using Adalo for the past 8 months. Its been a great journey with Adalo - great MVP tool. For the experts here who made the switch from Adalo to Custom Build, I have 1 question

Will I be able to upload my custom build onto the same Apple Bundle ID and using the same App Specific password? Asking this to see if I will get to keep the same app store and play store listings without losing the download counts, reviews, etc. I really hope I don’t need to create a new listing and have all my users download ANOTHER app. This was asked here but without reply to date.

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Hey, yes Adalo support will be able to provide you with the details you need to apply to your custom build outside of Adalo. For iOS it’s really easy because the App is linked with TestFlight and AppStore Connect.

For android you will need a little bit more from Adalo, which may include a .jks or .keystore file with username and password, as well as backend version code for the last published android live version. (Front end code you see in Adalo is different). As and when the time comes, submit a support ticket.


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