Image list Malfunction on Downloaded App

My image list that serves as a main menu option does not recognize my last 2 boxes/images when clicking on them in my app from Google Play. Is this an issue with the app store or Adalo? It works perfectly fine when previewing it and clicking on it in Adalo, but the link to ___ screen feature is not working when using my downloaded app. Thoughts?

I think this could be a mafunction of Adalo. It’s better you contact
they are the best people who would look into the problem

Here are some people who may be able to help you:
@ashley @anon78309838 @Ben @Alex

Hope that your problem is solved soon

Could you make a short video demonstrating this? Or some screenshots so that I may try and reproduce this issue?

In the beginning of the short video is the view of my app that was downloaded from Google Play, which shows last 2 images not linking to directed page. At the end of video, you see it working when using app saved to homescreen using web address. (And I yes, I already checked if the image was linked… and it is… its literally the same app/database used for both). See video: Screen_Recording_20200921-234803_Chrome.mp4 - Google Drive and screenshot:

Hi Loretta,

I believe that there is a much better way to set up your app. In this example you have it setup as a static website would do so but Adalo can work more efficiently by loading data dynamically.

This means having a single screen that loads the right data dependant on which option the user clicks. That way you do not need to make a screen for each possibility but only a single screen, that renders different every time.

I hope this makes sense. I would advice to go through the docs here about this as it is fundamental to Adalo.

Thanks, I will relook at the documentation. I loaded data dynamically for other portions of the app. The menu screen, however, links to screens that are not like each other (which is quite different than the trip example). I’ll take a closer look, though.

…about the Malfunction, silly to admit, I didnt have the latest APK file of my app uploaded to Google Play, which is why it didnt recognize the last two linked screens.

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