App update best practice - Android

I have an app that a few users are testing. They provided me feedback that I made those changes in a “copy” of my current app. I kept the original one as backup

I did a build of the new version of the app in the “copy” and tried to upload it to Android as part of a new version of the same app. I was unable to do it and got the error–

You can’t roll out this release because it doesn’t allow any existing users to upgrade to the newly added app bundles.

I am looking for ideas on:

  • Fixing this error
  • How folks manage their versions during development.

Yes there is that versioning tool that Adalo has built but I have had issues restoring previous versions accurately using that.

For me copying, making changes and rebuilding using the copy makes most sense.

And FYI, the same things worked seamlessly in for the iOS build.


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