Apple Notice: Potential Loss of Keychain Access

I just got this error when I pushed my app to TestFlight, (I can still test fine)

ITMS-90076: Potential Loss of Keychain Access - The previous version of software has an application-identifier value of [‘Z7GF8****.hr.apps.14759****’] and the new version of software being submitted has an application-identifier of [‘9RMV43****.hr.apps.14759****’]. This will result in a loss of keychain access.

This happened after I transferred my current app store app to a new account. How do I reset the keychain so a new one is generated? I have not published this app yet in the App Store, so I don’t mind if there’s a loss of previous keychain.

This goes a bit past my realm of knowledge. I will bring it to a dev’s attention. Perhaps they will have a clearer answer to this.

I think the problem will go away when it gets published. I am replacing a previous app in the app store made with Shoutem a long time ago and it has no user logins. So I don’t think I need to worry.

The dev team tends to agree with your approach on it. Do let us know the outcome though as we have not done this process ourselves!

Will let you know. Thanks.

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