Very worried about Certificate / Keychain - please help

I hope someone can help as I am worried I’ve done something with iCloud Keychain Access on my Mac that I don’t fully understand.

I was preparing my app for Testflight access following the instructions on the Adalo site and it started uploading and then I got an error saying I needed to configure push notifications. It gave me a link to the Apple site with further instructions.

I then tried to set up Push Notifications on the Apple Developer site. It led me to this page to create a Certificate Signing request which I followed. I created and uploaded a certificate from Keychain Access. But then later in the afternoon I got a scary notification on my iPhone about a password leak saying one of my passwords had been leaked? It stated the site and I immediately closed my account on that site then changed the passwords of the other sites using the same password. (after Googling seems to be an iPhone security feature but seems like a co-incidence??)

Is this just a co-incidence or have I done something I shouldn’t have? Any replies much appreciated!

Hi Milenial,

I think this is a really weird incident. To be safe, I would just change your password on the website your password was “leaked”.

Thanks for your reply James.

I’m just glad I didn’t do anything I shouldn’t have then! I wonder did I enable Keychain Password Monitoring in iCloud without realising during the process and it just fired that off. Maybe the two were unrelated and it was just a coincidence. I closed my account on the site it mentioned anyway pretty much as soon as I got the alert.

I now realise this was probably connected to the log4j leak which affected millions of websites worldwide! Just glad I was using a password manager which warned me!


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