Publish Testflight - get odd iOS message

Each time I try to publish a version to iOS, I get the message that someone is trying to log into my Apple Account in Atlanta, GA. That’s not where I live.

It only happens when I try to publish a Testflight build.

I just ran an iOS update, which may be the reason. But I didn’t want to progress past this screen in case without checking to see if anyone else gets this too…

When setting up everything, you have provided Adalo with access.

It’s Adalo that’s connecting to your account so they can publish the app.


Hi @charleshope ! Even after 2FA, I am getting this message. I’ve generated & replaced the app specific password. Updated my Apple login & password. And had 3 attempts fail on me in the last 2 days.

What I should try next?

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 8.57.58 AM

I guess same issue :eyes:

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