Asking for tips on how to use a QR code to identify users

A main part of my business is a library, where subscribed members (users) can check out tools, movies, etc.

I’m using my users’ profile screen as a form of digital membership card. Each member will have a QR code on their profile screen, containing their member number (001, 002, 003, etc).

When a member checks out a tool, I want to scan the QR code on their profile screen and record the item they checked out.

I have a few questions about how to do this.

  1. The membership ID numbers are sequential (001, 002, 003, etc), and are automatically assigned when the member joins and creates their profile. I use a custom formula in the Member ID field for this.

Is there any way to create the QR code automatically when the profile is created?


Can I upload a lot of QR code images, each encoding an unused ID number (001.jpeg, 002.jpeg, etc), and cause the next available image to display on the user’s profile screen when that number is assigned to a user?

  1. How would I design a function to record which member checks out which tool? I think I would have to have a “checkout activity” screen on my phone, with one field which accepts the scanned user QR code, and another field for entering the checked out item (possibly also with its own QR code).

Can anyone give suggestions on how to do both of these things?

Thanks so very much as always!

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