How to check if an user exists using the user ID

I am building a QR code scanner app where I have a list of users with separate QR codes for each user containing their user id, what I want to do is when the scanner scans the QR code I want to check if a user with this id exists, if anyone can reach out and help me on this it will be great.

Hello Hamdan,

This should be easy to implement. You need to have click action that checks if “QR Code value is not equal to 0”. This way once the scanner checks the QR code, it will check if the ID is in the user list or not.

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This does not work for me.

Then the other way to do it is to have click actions that check if
All Logged In Users’s ID contain Other Components → QR Code Component Name

This will do the job, thats how we have it setup.

Just keep in mind that with this setup, as your database records increase, the time it takes to run this click action increases. From my experience, a 5K database would take 5-10 seconds to execute this action depending on your device/internet speed/etc. So do some testing to check if this will work for you.

@Mohammed can you please provide more details on how to do this.
Thank You!

For starters, it would be difficult to scan QR code to check if User ID exists.
Alternatively, you would need to create QR code for each user. You can populate this manually or use magic text and click actions to do it for every sign up/purchase etc.

The idea here is you want the QR code to include an acronym. For my example here, that would be XYZ.

So lets say, you have the below as QR Codes
User 1 has QR code data that equals XYZ111
User 2 has QR code data that equals XYZ112
User 3 has QR code data that equals XYZ113
User 4 has QR code data that equals XYZ114

The QR scanner should simply just check if the QR code you are scanning contains XYZ or not.
If your customers do have the QR Code you’ve issued, then the QR data will contain XYZ.
If a random customer shows another QR Code, then it definitely will not contain XYZ in its data.

You can obviously switch XYZ and make it into any unique subcode like HFGJ or anything else really.

The snapshots below should help.

@Mohammed This is helpful but is there any way I can access the user with the id itself for example if I wanted to use the properties of the user after checking for the user id.

Thank you!