Asking for tips on using a Desktop Web App with a regular website

I’m building the Desktop Web App version of my Adalo app. But I already have a regular (HTML) website. I don’t want to have two separate websites though. The DWA should really just be part of the bigger main website. And there are still many things you can do with html that you can’t do on an Adalo DWA.

So, can I merge the two into one seamless website? Can I, for example, link back and forth between DWA screens and html pages, like you typically move between html pages on a regular website?

Or would it be best to make the DWA a subdomain of the main website domain? I suppose I could make the login give users access to the DWA subdomain, and let the html pages be available to non logged in visitors.

I’d appreciate any experience anyone has with this.

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Hi @MikesClub

Since DWA is not yet responsive, I would go the route of having it under a subdomain and you take the users from the website to the DWA.

Integration can still look almost natural, as you can have a “log in” and “sign up” buttons on your website, and they would take the user to the DWA.

You could also include in the DWA links that would take users back to the website for content that lives there.

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