Audio Player jumps and sound stutters on initial screen load. Is this normal?

When a screen loads the Audio Player [set to auto play] twitches a few times and the sound starts, cuts out, starts again, cuts out again then starts and plays properly. I know the Audio Player is a bit funky but is this normal? What can be done about it?

I’ve tried:

  • Adding a delay with a timer >>> same behaviour.
  • Adding a couple seconds of silence to the clip >>> Audio Player still jumps but has normalized by the time the silent section has passed.
  • Toggling Auto Play off >>> seems to work but no auto play
  • Toggling visibility of the Audio Player with an input field switch >>> this doesn’t help with the initial stuttering but eliminates the annoying recue when leaving the page.

Anything else I should try?
Also I heard there was a new, improved Audio Player in the pipe. Anyone know when that might be expected?

2 of my mentoring clients messaged me and are experiencing the same exact issue.

Submit a ticket for the audio player issue: Submit a Support Ticket

In regards to

If you’re referring to this post: We're developing a better Audio component

it appears that @Taro is in the process of creating a custom audio player component but Taro does not work for Adalo. So if Taro releases a new audio player component, I would expect that you would have to purchase this component from Taro to get it.

IC, thanks for the clear responses @Flawless. I will indeed submit a support ticket.

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This from Support:

We are aware of this issue and it is currently being worked on by our development team to get this resolved as soon as possible. I am going to escalate this to our Technical Support Engineers and they’ll be able to give you an update on this very soon.

Although I do not have a specific time on when this may get resolved, we will be sure to notify you of any changes in the status of this bug moving forward.

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