Issue with the Audio Player component on iOS


Anyone using the Audio Player component has an issue on iOS?

I created a meditation app. I have programs with a screen that lists all of them.
As a user, when I click on a program I am redirected to a screen that lists all the songs of the specific chosen program.
When I click on a song, I am redirected to a screen with the Audio Player component that runs the URL of the chosen song. Until now everything is ok BUT when I go back to the previous screen (ie with the list of songs) and click on another song, I am redirected to the Audio Player screen BUT the song doesn’t start (it tries many times but stop directly), and when I go back to the previous screen (ie with the list of songs), sometimes the song starts. The bug is on iOS (if you open the app with the desktop simulator, it works perfectly fine)

Even by compressing the mp3 files to the maximum (around 3-4Mo) and storing the mp3 files on Google Cloud Storage, the bug still persists.

I wanted to launch my app in the coming days on the stores but as it is a must-have feature, I need (hope) it to be fixed by Adalo team, I am currently waiting for Adalo customer support team reply.
I have a few questions about this bug:

  • Has anyone using the Player Audio component has experienced the same bug on iOS?
  • Let’s say Adalo fixes this, how confident can I be in the future the same bug won’t come back? (given it is a must-have feature, my users would be totally angry because the app would be broken again)
  • Is it possible to make the Player Audio component developed from scratch by a Adalo professional that I could import into my app? Do you have any idea of the price? Do you think there is great chance to experiment the same issue?

Here is a link to the app just in case:

If you want to test the app on iOS, please send me your Testflight email address, I will add you with pleasure!

Thank you in advance,



I had issues with the Audio Component - mainly with it actually playing a track! Had to increase the size of the Play button as it wouldn’t register a touch! I have also had what you are experiencing but it seems to have settled down after I used a collection to upload the mp3 files directly into that collection rather than from external storage. RSS feeds seem to be OK to at the moment.

The other issue was that the player doesn’t remember the Paused at time if you leave the screen which has been flagged to the dev team.

Hope you get it sorted :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Indeed I have issues with the Play/Stop button, but the main one remains the bug when I play 2 songs in a row, even when the mp3 files are stored in a collection, the second song doesn’t start, so basically the component is broken… :frowning:

Good luck!

For your information, Adalo team fixed my issue yesterday

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That’s great! :slightly_smiling_face:

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