Data "expires" based upon date


I’m currently testing a mobile app for marketing purposes. I have multiple collections, (Users/User Property/Campaigns/etc…), there’s 7 total I dunno if thats important.

Anyways one Collection is a collection of all the campaigns a client is running and this filters down to what properties the campaign is running at. However these campaigns don’t run forever and the campaigns collection has the start and end date of the campaign in the collection. I would like the campaign and everything attached to automatically expire or not be visible after the end date in the campaign collection. How would I do that?

My initial thought is to create a true false that remains “true” if the dates are still active then “false” if not. But I don’t know how to automate that other than going in and deactivating the campaigns manually.

Thank you

Hi @therabbit42
I think your request is similar to this one:

You can filter the content of the campaigns’ list based on a date

Hope this helps.

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