Automatic field on Forms

This is a repost, I’ve been struggling with the same problem for 2 weeks now.
I am making a “multi-sided” app, a side where there’s ads of people asking for help and the other for people offering help.
I added a Forms page to give users the ability to post on the application, either to ask or offer help, but I am facing a problem , for instance :
This is the Home page, the blue part of the app is dedicated for users offering help, and the green one is for people asking for help
This is when you click on the “+” button, you have to options, to add an ad asking for help or offering help

For instance, the user wants to ask for help, he presses the green button and it takes him/her to this page:

Like you this is a form, with informations for the user to input, but the problem I’m facing is that I want when someone uses this specific page, it automatically publishes on the green side of the app, the asking for help one, but in the forms options I don’t know how to do it,
Here’s the options :
I want to make Aide or Besoin to automatically set that “Besoin” value is True and Aide value is false

Here’s my database :
There’s the name of the collection,
a Relationship with Ads that ties them as such : An ad can only have one Aide ou Besoin but Aide ou Besoin can have many Ads
a True/False statement of J’aide (I offer help?) and J’ai besoin? (I need help?)
a Relationship with user where one user can have a lot of aide ou besoin but aide ou besoin can only have one user

Please I need help

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