Data for Automatic Field cannot be selected

Hey All, I am working on app where users will “give” or “ask” items.

I want to automatically set the item category to “givng” or “asking”, so I have linked the action button to a modal - where a user would select “give” or “ask”, and then get directed to either “giving form page” or “asking form page”. It all works fine but when I try to set up automatic field to select either “giving” or “asking” category, I don’t get the option.

Am I missing something obvious or is it a bug? Please help :pray::pray::pray:


Create New Item Form
Automatic Field: Category - Empty, Value Empty

Database setup:

@Colin @Ben @James_App_Maker @pford any words of wisdom please :pray::pray::pray:

This video came really close to explaining the solution but then went in another direction Forms | Collect Data from Users in Your No Code App - YouTube

Hi Salvadore,

You probably set your relationships for the category incorrect, try switching the relationships for the category and see if it works.

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Hey James, thanks for a prompt reply. Much appreciated!
I found a workaround… but I think this is a common issue

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Hi Sal, how did you get out of this issue ? Can you explain it to me plz ?

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Same Pb for me…
I must be a Bug … and it seems it is present since 2020…
Is Adalo Team Working on it ?