Automatic field. Value is not reachable

A bit tricky and fundamental issue here. I have spent a lot of time trying to solve it myself.
I have 3 collections “Users”, “Weddings” and “Venues”.
Screen 1: a list of all venues for the current wedding
Screen 2: a detail view of the venue
Screen 3: add a venue screen
For my business logic it is mandatory that I relate the new venue to the Logged In User>Wedding.
I am unable to do that neither through an automatic field nor from the update of the new venue action. The Wedding option in “Logged In User>Wedding” is simply not selectable.
I have overcome so many obstacles so far and this one I didn’t expect to encounter at all. Please help.

Bit hard to follow… but no you should not have to do that I don’t think - would need to see more about your database setup to see why.

Thanks for the answer Tony!
Here is my DB setup:

I don’t think this is the way I would do it, but from the way you have said you want things, I think you need to add Users to Venue… likely as a 1 Venue to a User, Venue can have many users.

When a new Venue is created, you would then be able to specify that that venue is related to that user.

Thanks for your assistance, Tony.
I just tried this approach, but it is not working as expected and is also not achieving the desired business logic.
If the Venue has relation to Users only (and not to Wedding), then when a new Venue is created I have to add all Wedding Users to it (in order for each user inside this wedding to see the same list of Venues). I am not able to do this though automatic field, because the Users don’t appear as an option in the Automatic or even Manual field options.
If I add an update action I am only able to Add the current user to the Venue, but not all Wedding Users.

You would link both users and weddings, you can have relationships to multiple things.

Thank you for your help, Tony.
I tried this too, but I am now getting the sum of all issues (the ones reported in my initial post and the ones reported later).
The setup that I have is pretty simple and can be quickly reproduced. Also the business logic is very straightforward. In my app there are multiple weddings and in each one there are multiple users. All Users in a certain wedding need to see only the Venues linked to the Wedding that they are in.

Assuming that the user starts with a screen that is a list of weddings, and then clicking on one wedding takes them to a page where they can view the list of venues for that wedding with a button to add another venue…

On the add venue form screen, add an action to the form’s submit button that updates the current wedding.

In that update action, under the Wedding’s Venues, you should be able to select Add > New Venue.
(if New Venue is not available as an option, make sure that your form’s submit button already has a Link Back action)

Hello Ben,
Thanks for the help.
Your assumption is correct, although I am not showing a list of all weddings, because that is against the business logic.The user sees only the wedding that he participates in. He navigates to the venue list screen and adds a new one.
Even after I add a back action I am not able to add the New Venue to the Wedding:

After clicking on “New Venue” the field “Venues” is still empty.

Hey @Kiryazov, did you manage to solve this issue? :thinking: I am stuck in a similar situation Set automatically fields - #6 by sal