Average versus Overwriting Star Rating

I’ve been working on an app using a rating system (a slight twist on restaurant review rating system) and I can’t seem to tie together the star rating system the way I need. I’d like to have the users be able to provide restaurant ratings, and the average of the ratings will obviously show online.

For some reason though no matter which way I connect the databases and set up additional collections, the star rating system just overwrites the previous rating, or when I do average it does the average for all menu items.

I’ve seen a good number of people with this issue but haven’t seen any solutions.

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Take a look at this screenshot. Hopefully, it’ll help you to see how it’s used to get the average.

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Thank you for the reply! So I’ve had decent luck with showing the ratings but the functionality of “Can Users Set a Rating?-Yes” to show the rating AND having users input the rating doesn’t seem to work. Is there a way to get both?

Or I guess a better way to ask would be how do I set up my databases to allow inputs and show average ratings?