Show average rating of 3 different ratings

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I have 3 different ratings and i would like to show the average of these together is that possible?
If yes how do i do that

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Hi Thomas,

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I think you need to add All Ratings ( collection name that stored ratings)>Ratings( the created number property name in that collection to store the rating )>Average.



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Hi @tj2970,
If you want to store, @dilon_perera is the right method, if you don’t want to store it, then you can use the Sum/count methods using “custom formula” and filtering the sum/count of those reviews.

If you want for example to show the example of all reviews of a business that has the 3 Ratings.


Then let’s assume this for this business:

Your Average rating is the sum of the 3 ratings then divided by 3 for 1 Review.

For the Business itself, you will need to sum all the ratings then and then divide by the number of reviews:

So you would need to do a (SUM of All rating 1 + SUM of All rating 2 + SUM of All rating 3) divided by the count of all reviews x 3 (because for every review there are 3 ratings, so for 2 reviews there are 6, 3 there are 9 and so on)

So in this quick example:


the Average Rating is correct: 3,33 and we do not have the need of storing the average itself in the Database.

Hope it was useful :slight_smile:

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Thanks but is it possible to show it with the star rating?

You mean like this right?


Then you can add the count here in the Rating Component.


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