Backends & GDPR Compliance

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I’m getting towards the stage in my app development where I’m deciding on if a backend system is required. I’ve been looking at Airtable & Xano which both look like good options and I’ve also seen people talking about Google Sheets.

From what I can gather some the benefits of using an external backend are:

  1. I can easily edit the data outside of Adalo and it will be uploaded (much easier for adding / deleting / searching for records)
  2. I can create a backup of data (such as paid orders)
  3. Much better data manipulation that can be achieved within Adalo

For my app I would like to keep a backup of Orders (and potentially other data), have the ability to add new records, delete and search for them (trouble shooting a specific order for example).

Which leads me to thinking that Google Sheets could be a good option for me (the easiest to use and also free). However, I’m worried about the GDPR Compliance of storing personal data on it as it’s something companies I’ve worked for have always stayed well away from. I’m based in the EU which I think will have an impact.

So - I guess I’m asking for some advice on the best way of managing my database as my app (hopefully) starts to grow?

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having the same considerations - so will follow this post :relaxed:

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Bump - I’ve also been looking at the reliability of the adalo database if multiple users are adding / deleting orders items that affect a product stock count.

Will a backend service help this? (a sync?)

Still hoping for some advice on this!

I’ve also got another question to add - I want to create a corresponding website for my app which shares the same database. This is crucial so that if users make a purchase of an item on the website it reduces the stock count available to the app as well.

Can Xano fulfil this requirement?

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