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I have problems with the background screen insertion as it does not take the full height of the screen on Android. What can it be? I have tried varying the width of the background image and it doesn’t work either.

First image is how I see on Android device and second is how I see in adalo previewer. As you can see there is a notourious espace between menu and the bottom of the screen in Android, that it is not in Adalo previewer.

Image 3 show background settings.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Change the image cropping setting.

Also, make the image component bigger than the screen.

Ok, I have already tried… I will tell you when play store publish it app again. Nevertheless menu is not set at the screen bottom in Android device (image1) as it is suposed to be as you can see in the previewer (Android device).

These are menu settings

I have the same issue.

There is no image component as this is part of the screen settings and there are only two image cropping settings:

  • show full image that leaves large borders on both sides
  • Crop image to fit

I am using a very tall and wide image with expectations that it will cover the entire screen and that also doesnt fit properly on the Android build.

Any ideas folks?

No way… even worst… And menu still not in very bottom

Is the height of your background image in inspector in a browser 960?
I have a similar problem with a @James_App_Maker dynamic background component. Using colours, no image. It is his opinion the issue lays with Adalo.

When there is a list the bg doesn’t go beyond 960 px high.

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