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I’m looking to record an input from a slider. I will have two, but both will be doing same thing, but different results.

I just want to make a 1 to 5 slider. It records the slider # in the entry when they hit the next button. This # will always be a new # for the user. I’m going to pull the data later in development for analytics.

For now I just want them to use the slider and record a new # in their collection. Everytime they create a new entry, it will create a new slider result too.


I have a collection called “entries”. I added two records there: “Slider Before” and “Slider After”.

One slider will be recording a record at the beginning of entry, and one slider at the end of the entry.

I am not 100% sure that i got your idea, but if i got you right, you may add a true or false record for example :“1st slide collected?” and when collected you make it true, and you add 2 actions to the slider that depends on that true or false.

i hope that i got you right…

hmm. i think I get what you mean. I’ll play around with that.

Here is a different way I hope to explain what I’m trying to do;
I would like to know how to make a basic simple slider. If I slide it to 3 that will input into the collection db upon clicking a button that updates the entry.

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Like this?

Thank you

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