Best way to avoid UI ICON Downloads on slow conections

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Thinking of users in area with poor internet connection and the need to download Icons…

Does it make a diference for an Icon that is part of the UI screen - if I choose an image from the Adalo Library, versus one that I have uploaded ?
Are UI Icons part of the instal process - or - are they repeatedly downloaded each time a user will open a screen containing ICONS ?
*used as “labels” or illustrative mages on a record line…

I guess it would only be downloaded repeatedly if the icon was part of a property being displayed as a result, correct ?

*Looking for to minimize traffic volume at the most - once an App has been installed.

@bibipac I guess the difference is that the standard icons are based on an icon font that is just loaded once.
Individual icons loaded as images will take more bytes/time to load initially when the app is started and then cached.
We only can try to reduce the size of the images.
I am using Cloudinary to collect my images.
Here you can setup standard transformations that will be applied to all images you are uploading:
For icons I ensure to use the URL for the thumbnail size I have available after the standard transformations:

I guess that there are similar mechanisms in place for theMaybe there are similar mechanisms in place for the internal Adalo storage. But it is currently not transparent and this way I can control it.
In addition:
I also noticed that the screen part for the icon stays empty until loading finishes.
I did not try, but I think it would be possible to use a placeholder text/box/circle behind the icon that will show until the upload finishes.
The ability to detect offline/online status seems to be not yet implemented.
Something for the roadmap/feature request?

Just checked:

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@karimoo I have read a couple of posts you have mentioned regarding Cloudinary. I would like to use cloudinary as an external collection for my images and videos for my App as i am conscious that 5gb is not a lot given by Adalo. Do you have any tips on how to set this up?

Could you help me to configure the cloudinary api to store the images and save the url of the same, and visualize them in adalo through the url, I am trying everything but I have not succeeded.
I would appreciate your help!