Best way to setup subscription/membership app

Looking for some ideas on how to best setup a subscription/membership app. I plan on publishing native apps on Apple and Google.

Should I have a web based landing page where members can purchase a subscription. THEN download the app from the respective app stores and simply login to the app?

Or setup a subscription/plan WITHIN the app?

Suggestions are appreciated!

From a UX perspective: It’s easier to get the user to download the app, then purchasing something. So when you got the user to download the app and they feel they’re somewhat committed already, it’s easier to get them to pay. But I would suggest at least to have a 7 days trail, maybe even 30 days if you can :slight_smile:


Is there anyone who can help with this? I’m looking for the same answer

One example is the Masterclass app.
You download the app, can explore the classes and then, if you want to access the classes you need to subscribe.
Think of a subscription as being an in-app purchase.

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