Blank Screen Issue

Hi there,

I have an app where a user needs to click on a simple list that will then take them to another screen. However, my previewer shows a blank screen when heading to the second screen.

I have checked other posts with similar issues but i do not have custom lists on either pages (which was the usual issue). Nor have I deleted a user etc.

Here is a video showing the issue.

Check for…

  • a second screen with the same name in your left panel of the adalo editor.
  • which actions are running besides navigating
  • instant navigation on your actions
  • responsive layout settings - try different screen sizes in preview.

Thanks for the response! I tried all your suggestions with no luck:

  • My screens are numbered so no overlap/duplication is possible.
  • There is only nav on the action
  • Its a native app but I did play around with screen sizes and they are all giving the same blank screen after selecting an item on the list.

Instant navigation may be where I am unsure. Do you mean the type of transition or if there is a loading screen involved? If transion, its push & there are no loading screens inbetween.

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OK thanks for the clear detail.

If you see the same issue in preview mode.
This would be the next step.

Create a new blank screen with ‘hello world’ or similar text as the only component on the screen.
Delete your link.
Create a new link with transition none, to your new screen.

Test in preview, if it works and you get the hello screen displayed.
Copy your content from the original screen onto it. Do not duplicate the screen, start fresh.


If it works add the transition back in.

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Tried your method as suggested but after initially working for a blank screen with just text, copying my previous content broke the screen again. So I copied elements group by group until I found the problem.

Thank you very much! May your tea/coffee always be just right!

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Good stuff. It is annoying when you have to go through all of that. Glad you got there in the end.

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