How to create a signup page with 1 dropdown option and 2nd filtered dropdown option

Hello, I just want to ask on how to create a signup page and data for admin and users with address that uses dropdown for country and filtered country dropdown for cities? I hope you guys can help. Thanks

Hi @Ludweedz ,

Use dropdown or its replacement in the next screen after signup action.

To use country and city, you need to relate them in collection, so you can do filtering.


Thank you for the help I was able to create the type of singup process I needed. Now, i need to make an appointment with calendar, pick date and time for 2 users. 1 user is a host and the other user is a client. i hope there are videos that can guide me all throughout the process.

thank you…


I am still having problems making the booking management system of my app. I would really appreciate any videos or tutorials that you can show me.

Thank you.

Let me take a look at your app.

Can you give me access to that ?