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Hello! I want to make an online reservation for a seat in the bus/car. How can I choose a seat in the car and then have it saved in my database as booked? How can it be implemented in general, through buttons or maybe there is a ready-made solution?


Hi @Seitov1010,
From top of my head, you can use a Collection “Bookings” for this where the 20 seats are the availability for this (With a field “Status” as Free).

Considering only 1 bus, the view you have now would be a List of all seats of the bus, when clicking in the seat, you add the Action to link to another screen with current seat details, so a form for user to add details and pay the seat, then when this is done, you add a field “Status” and change it to Booked.

You can also add another field with a color, so when seat is booked, you update the field color to a red pantone and use the rectangle color composer to change the color to red in front of that listing.

If you have more buses you can add Buses collections and then booking collections, with 1 to many relationship, if you need to add dates, then much more complex.

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Hi @Seitov1010 ,

In addition to @JL_LJ answer,

you could also take a look at this post,

There will be lots of many to many relationship fields, but you can limit to just 1 by checking the count, when it is free, count=0, other users can be added to that relationship field.

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