Borrow-in requests

Hi everyone, in our case we want to create an App that allows users to borrow reusable bags from our clients (bulk stores). When the user has selected how many bags wants I need to create a borrow-in request to the bulk store owner in order to approve the borrow. It should be like a message and the bulk store have to accept it or deny it.

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Something like this? : Borrow-in requests

You need a collection with some properties to store the user entered bags count and to see if it’s approved!

When previewing the above app add this information on the Login screen for access the app as Owner!

Email :
Password : 123

To access the app as a user just add some dummy information on the Signup screen!

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Thanks @dilon_perera!

That’s the idea but I don’t know how to do it. Should I ask an expert? Would you recommend anyone?


Hi @martimoratohil ,

I think @dilon_perera have show it in the previewer links, you can login as owner to approve it and login back as user to the approval.

But if you need to have more examples about other issues, we have currently opening for PSABH (Productized Service Adalo Beginner Help) which is a subscription to get their questions solved and becoming clone-able app.

Take a look at here,

Your Welcome!

I made a video that may help you! : Borrow-Requests.mp4 - Google Drive

And I made the app as clonable : Borrow-in requests

Thank you

Thanks @dilon_perera, very usefull! Could you send me also the Partners Clone App?

Your Welcome!

Didn’t get it! What app?

You send me the App from users point of view. I need the App where stores receives the petition of bags and accept it or deny it.

Both are in the same app!

If you like to have two apps I can make it!

Yes please, It will be more clear…thanks!!

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User :

Owner :

Thanks @dilon_perera , one more question. I need to create a screen when user has to introduce the credit card information in case they don’t return the bags in the future we will charge the cost of them. The system is free but we have to keep they credit cards information (not charge anything).

If they have to pay then you can use the Stripe component!

But if they just have to enter the details you can create some properties on the Users collection and add them to the Sign-up form or in another screen update form to enter them. I think it’s good enabling Collection Permissions for that properties to keep them secure!

Not sure if this is the best way because need to keep them secure! Maybe Experts can chime in here?

Thanks @dilon_perera. I will wait so to see if any experts come along.
Meantime, I decided to do something else, when users select how many bags they want the next screen will show how a Confirmation list of all items. How can I do that?
The App so far: Usuaris Rebag

I updated the app! Something like that?

Thank you

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