[Bug] Form can be submitted despite image not uploaded

Hi all,

It seems that even if we define an image field in a form to be “required”, users can nonetheless submit the form while the image is in the process of being uploaded, resulting in an empty value for the object’s field.

I tried to handle the error by directing users to another screen if they submit too early but it seems the condition “New [Object] > image is equal to (empty)” is not evaluated properly, so it cannot be useful.

Any ways to prevent this, or to handle the error in a way that is consistent?

Same issue i’m facing from first day of my app launch, I also inform Adalo people but didn’t receive any answer yet.

And also in some android phones forms is not working

@Lucien The issue of submitting the form before the upload is here: https://ideas.adalo.com/bugs/p/image-uplaod-bug We hope to resolve that this week. The issue regarding conditional actions is also currently being worked on


Thanks a lot, Ben! That’s great news :tada:

ohh finally, thankyou so much :blush: & what about text style & shadow bug in android?