How to validate image picker as a required field (check if image was uploaded)?

Hello! I’m in a situation where I HAVE to use a custom form. In this form, the user must upload a photo (required field).

Desired outcome:

  • If the user uploads an image, it goes to the next screen.
  • If the user does not choose an image, it goes to an ERROR screen.

Unfortunately the “Image Picker Not Equal to Empty” logic is not working on my Button Action. Some test screenshots below. Anyone know any workarounds to validate whether an image was uploaded?

You can create some Button with “Sometimes Visible” condition only happen if “Image Picker is not equal to empty”… that should be works…

Thanks @oktovan for the help. Unfortunately in my situation, I have a lot of inputs in my custom form that all have to be checked for “emptiness”.

So I need the ‘check’ to happen via button click, since it’s going through all the inputs to make sure the user entered something in…

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