Bug with signing up without password

Error message: “User email already exists”

How to reproduce the bug:

  1. Create New Form
  2. Action = sign up user
  3. Delete only one preset field - “password” (Yes, this is my real case - registering users without password, when my admins registering them, and they manualy do “password recover”)
  4. Trying to sign up new user, fill all fields, press “sign up” button

After pressing the button there is an error message “User email already exists”. By the way, a new user is added to the user table with empty password, but sign up form gets stuck, no other actions are performed.

Try adding an automatic field with a password like 123, see if this works

Yes, it works. But I have another problem. When I am registering a new user - I am automatically relogin with this user. So, if I am an Admin and trying to sign up new User - I will sign out and sign in with another user. As I understand, this problem could be resolved only with Zapier and making a new table “Invited Users” with automated copying entries from “InvitedUsers” to “Users”.

If you are an admin, you can either create user from the adalo interface directly, or maybe make another app (shared database) and have a different UI for admin only to create users

I made an another app, my admin signing in, then create user, and then he automatically re-sign in with a newly registeted user. Then he can’t create another users, because of insufficient rights :slight_smile: He should sign out and sign in again :slight_smile:

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