Prevent trying to create the same user twice

hello How to prevent trying to create the same user twice in the sign up form ?
i have created a custom sign up form how can i do that in it

Refrain from using same topic twice, I already answered, make sure to use form that adalo has, make sure it “Signs Up User” or “Log In User”

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i want to use this form not adalo form is that possible ?

Yeah just make sure submit button action has either “Signs up user” or “Logs In The User”

can you please screenshot


Does it have this?

unfortunately it does not have this

So you didn’t use form tool?


Anyways make sure the sumbit button does one of those…

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thank you very much it works :smiley:

still one problem when some user is trying to sign up this message is shows " THIS USER IS ALREADY EXIST " even if the user does not exist

That was a bug fixed by adalo just recently, so check now it should be working!

I´m with this problem!! Can someone help?! I think it’s a problem from Adalo side… I really need a solution for this!

Hi Duarte,

Please submit a support ticket, as this is a bug :bug:.

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