Build a clean education website

Hello, I want to build an education website. Details :


  1. Share educational resources like notes, question banks
  2. Live/recorded classes for different batches ( around 3 batches and max 20 students in each batch)
  3. Weekly quiz

Key/ basic features:

  1. Sign up/ login page( with the ability to verify real users by sending otps)
  2. Email Newsletter
  3. Monthly/Yearly subscriptions.
  4. Payment gateway ( Razorpay/Instamojo) {this must be very secure}
  5. Live quiz and leaderboards system
  6. Monitor a student’s time spent watching lectures
  7. Prevent users from screen recording our paid lectures.
  8. Loyalty reward points system :
    *Students will be able to earn for different activities like-
    (a) Signing up
    (b) Referring friends(so unique referral codes should be generated for each user friends must join)
    (c) Top scorers in weekly quiz leaderboards
    (d)Hours spent watching lectures

There should be a wallet option where the student can check their collected reward points.

and also about redeeming the points- They will be able to use the points at local stores and restaurants/ cafes so I want a function where the employee of the store can deduct the required number of redeemed points via a unique QR code for the user so as soon as they can they can select the number of coins to deduct from the user’s wallet.
I am totally new to no code apps and will be blessed if you could help me out. If anybody is willing to help/advise me throughout, he/she is more than welcome. Thanks, Team Adalo.

Hey there @nokbeh Welcome to the community :sunglasses:

Sounds like a fun one. I have a client on my waiting list for an education app similar to what you’re wanting to build.

Of all of your features, the only ones I would say that are difficult are #4 and #7. The rest all can be built within Adalo.

#4, you’ll need to implement either IAPHUB or Stripe. There is not currently an integration for Razorpay/Instamojo.

#7, there is no way to prevent screen recording in the apps as far as I know.

Since each feature that you mention can be broken down into great detail, I recommend that you start building your app and then reach out when you have questions about specific things.

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Thanks, mate I think I can do most of them but I am clueless about the reward points system. could you link me to a guide/tutorial?

I don’t know of any at the moment but I can see how this can be a little tricky. Definitely something that would take quite a bit of time to type up.

You can have a collection called “Reward Points” with a number parameter called “Amount” for points and a one-to-many relationship with users where reward points belongs to one user and a user can have many reward points. Any time a specific task has been accomplished, you can create a new reward point record with a specified amount of points. OR You can have a number parameter on the users called “Reward Points” and just add to that total as they complete tasks.

Either way would work.

Then, you can have the store deduct the points from the user when they use their points.

I have not used QR codes in this manner but I’m sure it’s possible.

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