Build Servers Down?


Just looking to see if anyone else is encountering this issue. I am attempting to build my app and I keep getting a 401 error. I believe this would be on Adalos side.

If anyone could just confirm, that would be greatly appreciated. As well as if there is a timeline on when this will be fixed.

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Yes, I am seeing the same issue as well.

Appreciate the response because I was really getting concerned that it was just me.

I am wondering if any staff know anything about roughly when this problem will be resolved.

I’m not sure what the status is. I submitted a support ticket about 1hr ago.

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So sorry! We’re investigating now.


Appreciate the update! If it’s not too much of a hassle would you be able to just post a quick update here when it gets resolved? I’m on a really time sensitive project and would greatly appreciate!

@Konrad Should be fixed within the next 20 minutes or so. Just testing the fix now.

@Konrad builds have been back up and running for the last 40 minutes. There are just quite a few in the queue so your build should finish in the next few hours. Sorry for the slight delay here!


I appreciate the update so much! Tell the team thank you for the quick response from me!

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Hello @David.
Again, the build servers are down…
Thank you.

EDIT: Now are functional again. Without data, but functional.

Had this issue last night, the issue I’m having now is that the data from my app is not showing up at all in Testflight. Thank you good luck

Hey @ionutilie @adalouser500 the issue with the data loading in new builds has been resolved and the good news is that you won’t have to rebuild your app — the fix is already live. (Side note for anyone else here: this was only affecting builds in the last 22 hours, so data was still loading fine for any builds older than that timeframe.) Apologies for the issue with the builds that were affected here.

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Thank you @David!

It would be so great to have also the loading performance fixed. I understand that it is an ongoing process, but could be a deadline announced?
Adalo can be The Perfect tool with the loading performance fixed. :tada:


There are several improvements being made that are ongoing. It is a project that is likely never going to have a deadline because there are always going to be improvements that can be made to speed up performance.

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Thank you @Colin.
I understand that it is ongoing but what I would really love to know is a stage: e.g. Now we are here and we improve from here up…
Now, it is a random situation almost daily. I am afraid to take new clients because I may not be able to keep or to prove a performance for the live solutions.
I am very sorry about this as I believe that Adalo is an amazing tool…

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There is still major problems with android builds and 3rd party api connections. Getting a lot of heat from management.

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