Hi, Im making an app quiz, and I want to make a summary of scores in every quiz in one page . please help me


and it should be like this one, please help me

Hi @kjezyl,

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I suggest to watch this video made by Nathan (@theadaloguy)! : Adalo quiz tutorial - make a database driven true or false quiz (without multiple screens) - YouTube

In that video he is using a Attempts collection to store the score , quiz name after finishing the quiz that you can also build and display it! For generate it as a table you need to build it using rectangles , lines , containers and made that a list. And you can connect that list to that collection and show the the results as a table!

Thank you

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Hi @kjezyl ,

To get summary like these, you want to put calculated fields such as count or sum and filter accordingly.

It should depend on your database design, as soon as you get the total of scores, percent will follow.