Countdown Timer tricks: how to clone list item with all sub items using countdown timer

Hi all,

In this video I show another trick with Countdown timer component: I create a copy of a list item (say, Order) with all connected sub-items (Order Items).



Is it possible to use this method to reflect the display content every 0.1 seconds instead of every second?

Hi @Mono,

I don’t think so. I’d even say that countdown timer can’t be used for a precise measuring - as it is running in the Adalo app itself, and the app could be affected by device speed / internet speed / Adalo servers load, the timer sometimes can start a bit later.


Hi @Victor - this was amazing, thank you so much.

I changed your process a little so that it automatically returns after the copy when the count of the number of newly created sub-items matches an input that I set from the previous screen with the count of the sub-items to be copied.

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