Bulk Update Tests - Case Scenarios Needed?

Hi all,
I am developing a bulk/batch update method for my own project and need more case scenarios now to make a gap analysis and UAT and make it public availability if possible.

If anyone has need for Batch/Bulk update features, send me a DM with your case scenario, if test successful, you can then try it on your side.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: . Have fun Adaloing.

Is anybody out there? Nobody :smiley: . Did Geolocation steal all the attention :smiley: .

Hi @JL_LJ,

This means that once you successfully made this we don’t need a list and a countdown for batch update/delete? If it is that will be really cool! :fire:

Thank you

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1000 Thank you for replying :dancer: :smiley: hahaha. Well Yes and No, it will depend on the use cases, that is why I need to see if I can cover all.

For example, if there is Order and we want to delete Order items (So the list), that is possible, it is also possible to delete in batches data from the Database :smiley:

But need more use cases to see if I covered all.

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Awesome! Have some user cases! I will DM you! Hope you can make it work!

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Super, thanks! Differente cases are great, because I can measure speed also.

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I am interested indeed.
I’ve been using a Custom Action Adalo API call with JSON like this…


This removes all the relationships in that field.
I’m trying to figure out how to do it in more detail, ie. add/remove an array of records, not necessarily all of them.

I will drop you a message. Thanks!

I have a great use case for bulk deletion.

This would be for my ProPaw app where users can save information about their pets (vet visits, meals, likes, dislkes, exercises, etc.)

It ends up being 11 collections that are tied to an individual pet. So if a user decides to delete a pet from their account, I have to walk them through 11 lists of records to be deleted. It gets even more chaotic when users want to delete their entire accounts and have multiple pets with multiple records in each collection.

These are the 2 flows:

The top one is to delete a single pet. The bottom one is when a user deletes their account.

:smiley: This the motherload of Bulk updates, definitely a challenge :slight_smile: . Are these 11 collections all connected to the PET or collections have relationships between other collections?

I’m sure with more expertise in JSON the Adalo API call could be the answer.

Yes, they’re all relationship with a pet which has a relationship with the user.

Hi all,
Just to reply I didn’t forget about this, I just received tons of requests regarding ADALO, and trying to answer based on priority. Have a great rest of weekend.