Mass database tasks: trash collection etc

How are people handling mass database updates. Use-case I have in mind right now is trash collection. Much of my data has a limited window for being useful. Old completed tasks for example. Outside of adalo I might have sql running periodically to delete all tasks marked as completed where lastUpdate is more than 30 days ago.

I can’t see a route to doing this with Adalo collections. Are most people using external data sources for production apps?

Yep, I am a Xano fanboy. It can be done in Zapier, Make and even Adalo via countdown timer but Xano for the win.

Hi Mat @hiyakker,

Unfortunately you can’t easily update Adalo collections in bulk. Before it was a good idea to use Make (Integromat). But now with actions’ based pricing such operations can become expensive (imagine an update on 5K records database run daily) and also you will require a Team plan to use Adalo Collections API (which is $200/m).

So I’d say that for larger apps it’s better to use external databases. I’m more towards Supabase as they are quite fast and flexible, you can connect apps on other platform to it and they allow self-hosting, which is important to my customers (although this never was implemented :slight_smile: ).

Best regads, Victor.

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