How do you display a new screen with Button action

newbee, please be patient.
I have a button on the home screen. On clicking it, I want a new screen to be displayed.
So on the buttons Click action I selected Link and set it to (Agreements) new screen.
But the new screen does not display. Is there a step missing?

Hi Michael

Welcome to Adalo!

What you’ve described sounds correct. Can you perhaps show some screenshots of the page with the button, the button configuration and the agreements page and we can try an figure out what’s going on.

Hi speakupboy,
Thanks for your response.

The Home screen has a Button on it abd on tge Click Action I have selected AgreementDtls page see below tge Link for the Click Action snap shot:

I can’t see any errors there ngl.

On clicking the Button it is not displaying the AgreementDtls screen

Hi @mpapali,

Could you try adding the link action to the button instead adding in the list? ( select the list > go to the components section > click on the button component > add the link action )

Thank you

Hi Dilon,
I believe It is on the Link Action of the Button.
I have attached a screenshot.

Currently you have added in the list. You can click components at the bottom > button > add the link action.

Also delete the action called New action and try again!

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