Link does not work

Hi, I am now creating ticket app, however this button (Activate and begin using ticket button) does not work well.
This button has two actions below:
One is to update ticket information:

and the other is to link to next screen.

Also, list on “Tickets you have” screen have two actions, but one action which make users link to screen2 always makes application clash (the application demo whiteouts).

This is what console says about this error.

What are the conditions on the two link actions for the list on the “Ticket you have” screen?

The list on the “Ticket you have” screen is “Ticketbought” list.
The two link actions are for “Update” list “Ticketbought” and “Link” to Screen2.
They “Always” happen.

I could not understand what “conditions” mean, what do I have to show?

I wish I could send a video to show what is happening…

You could use a free tool like to record a video and send.

What should I do? What should I have to Show?

If you click on Show Advanced of the two link actions, it will show the conditions I’m talking about.

Thank you. These are what you want. one is for “Update” and the other is for “Link”.


Okay and what about these two link actions?

These two are from “Tickets You Have” screen so differs from the main topic. The problem is the button on screen does not work well.

On this screen, link branches whether “Ticketbought>begindate” is before 1 or not. I create Thcketbought>beginhdate data as null at the first point, so this branch itself seems going well.

Gotcha. Can you help me understand this formula at bit better in the Update action? Seems like the update action is not firing properly. I think you may need some parentheses in the formula. Something like (Current Time + Ticketbought timetype) x 86400 might work but it’s tough to tell without knowing what property types those magic text are.

This time type includes date.
I changed the update formula as you say, however app’s behavior did not change.

Could you send me a direct message with a link to your app so I can take a look?


I sent it to your direct message.

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