Button not visible even though collection has records

I want the blue button to show up when the collection has records, but it’s not working.


Hello, please can you explain how it’s not working. Is it displaying the component while the (Request count is 0)? Or the component is not visible at any condition?

Thank you!

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The component is not visible in any condition. If the count equals 0 or not, it does not show up.

Make sure that this one record belong to the logged in user

If the button is not appearing at any visibility condition, please change the visibility condition to be (All users => Contains => Logged in user). If the button is still not visible, it means that you’re testing without signing up or logging in as a user inside the app. Then you should “Log in or Signup” before testing this visibility condition.

Thank you!

Hi @peetman,

Does the requests collection records, users rel is filled with a user?

Thank you