Button Visibility

hi i was trying to make a conditional button showing and text showing i tried the change visibility to sometimes and will be visible if logged in user>IsLoggedIn but then when i tapped on preview i coudn’t see the button when i was logged in for seeing the app tap on this link

and for the text i wanted to make the text so that only if the user is in the property of IsAdmin but it dosent work and the text was ‘Creator’

Hi @AdhhiraajV,

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Seems like you are not logged in so the condition doesn’t met. Because when I open the app through the link it opens from Home screen. That means you have put the Home screen navigation type as Welcome screen and Home screen. If you make the Signup screen or a splash screen as the welcome screen then when you open the app it opens from that welcome screen and user can signup and that user is logged in and the conditions have to be met and the buttons should be visible.

Thank you

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