Graphics skewed and not positioned correctly when visibility is changed ... (w / video)?

I’ve got three buttons which I made from ellipses on my screen.
As you can see from below, as I select one, it highlights and turns off the highlighting on the rest.

But as I am clicking the button, the button position changes and the ellipse graphic is skewed. Why?
Buttons are aligned to the “Top” which should move them up when the one above’s visibility is changed.

Any advice would be appreciated.


all are top aligned

Hey there @Ian-SAfc

You’ve got the right idea but you just need a little more structure.

First, you do not need the “Top” selected, that forces a “fixed” position for the components and you don’t want that. Leave those to “none”

Next, for each %, you want to group them together with a rectangle behind them.


that works now. thanks bro. :+1:

(In the near future, I’ll be replacing the ellipse with a .PNG graphic. I assume it will still function well as it is now?)

Yup, will still work

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