Cache or Bug in Production Apps

I have a app in production and I made a change in External collection (Added filter), when I see the previewer, the app works fine, but in Production the app is still like before.

Before/Current - Production


Previewer and as it should be

Is there any cache or something with Adalo? I tried different laptops and browsers and issue is same. Thank you

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Having same issue with a desktop app

Made changes with the design and visible in screens viewer but on live domain changes not appearing

I suspect it’s a cache?

Something is definitely a bit squirrely at the moment. Having a lot of different issues.

Hi @sebastas @nocodemaker @NigelG

Interesting. In my case login tokens are kind of “invalidated” after switching the apps in the builder. So when I open the app to which I was logged in, everything doesn’t work properly.
Logout-login fixes the issue, but this should not work this way :slight_smile:

Will file a bug.


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Hi, In my case was just in the frontend with no login, Even with cache cleared in different browsers didn’t work (which made sense since the previewer was working fine), I had to wait a couple of hours for it to be back to normal, maybe there is some kind of delay when making changes and the app itself in production is “mirrored”, not sure how it works. But if so, there should be a process, where we would apply immediate changes and have versioning. I noticed also, this happens a lot with Airtable (which is the main source of DB I use) and Adalo is very limited in Airtable still, not all work well.

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