Calendar for marking users, choosing a free date and a closing date

calendar for marking users, choosing a free date and a closing date.

hello everyone, I want to make sure that users in my application have different access to the calendar (I use the marking calendar) so that some can book a free day and time, and the user the author of the ad where the date and time is booked can close the date and time booked by other users . The question is very open for me and I will try and look for a solution all day to make it work

i saw you did similar in homeschool app
Thanks for the replies and help on this issue.

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please share how you made a calendar for recording and closing the day

I just launched a Booking template so that you and other Adalo users can learn :star_struck:

It took several hours to build, quite complicated to explain in text. I recommend purchasing my template and studying how I set it up.

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this is interesting, but I think I will have a lot of questions with the settings from this purchase, which would be implemented in my application…

I’d highly recommend booking a mentoring session with me so that I can walk you through how to set it up in your app over a Zoom call.

can you help me with the installation after paying for the component for free?

This template is a simple scheduling approach, something like a Calendly or Acquity type of app.

For your situation, you would have “Authors” instead of “Admins” so a simple name replacement is all you need to do in the database and anywhere on the screens where it says “Admin” just change it to say “Authors”. Last, maybe change “Meeting” to whatever the users are booking in your app.