Camera Recording Component - Detailed Library/Info Needed 🤔

Hello everyone, I have been being helped by a ReactNative developer . He has built an Adalo component for me in the past. This time though, the aim is to build a Camera recording component. One that allows users to record video clips with either the front or back camera(s) of their phones.

He tells me, that he can’t find enough detailed information on Adalo’s libraries (from Developer Docs) to build this type of component… He briefly mentioned something about a “3rd party” of some kind( I didn’t quite catch all that info as he was in a noisy environment).

But I wondered how the QR-code scanners/readers were developed and whether they had similar difficulties with accessing libraries or Adalo information or any-kind of 3rd party issues?

Furthermore he told me it could literally take 15-20 minutes to write the code and develop the same component in pure ReactNative( outside of adalo), but that after several hours of effort on Adalo, he still wasn’t able to locate what he needed and was beginning to lose hope.

if you know any information, please feel free to share it, it just might save my life!!

this is a very simple example of the aim ( gif at bottom of github page):

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