Can I make anonymous user? or nickname

Hi. I want to know if it is possible to allow users to write or comment by choosing anonymous.
Also, I want to know if it is possible to allow users to set a nickname and change it.

thank you.

Hi @rorango620,

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You mean not signing to the app right? You can implement a guest user flow!

This topic created by Colin will help you! : Guest to User flow tutorial

You can create a text property on the Users collection and store the nickname there using a form and you can update that too using a form!

Thank you


Thank you for your answer!

I wonder if it’s possible to make users appear anonymous by hiding their nicknames even after logging in.

You mean don’t show in the app? You can not show that on the app. Did I get that correctly?

Adding some more detail about what you are trying to do will help us to help you correctly! :slightly_smiling_face:

For example, a user needs to log in when using the application.
Therefore, the user sets his own nickname.

However, the user also wants to hide his nickname when writing a comment on the app.
So the user simply identifies himself as anonymous and writes a comment, even though he is logged in.
I wonder if this is possible.

Ah go it! Do you need to change the name of every comment to anonymous or the nickname when the user change the setting or when creating the comment he can set anonymous for nickname and then that anonymous or nickname will display for that specific comment?

Hi @Rorango,
I would make it simple, if the anonymous is just for the frontend. You could make in a way that if they would tick the box “Answer as anonymous” then the name updated in whatever you are trying to show, will be posted as “Anonymous” and always in the backend record the user ID or user email (but not show in frontend, so that for a company purpose and security (i.e. Defamation, Xenophobia), if there is an issue, you know who answered it.

Also if there is a 1 to many relationship between User and Comment, even if the comment name was posted as “Anonymous”, here you also know who answered.

if you want a completely anonymous answer that no one knows who replied, you can always make the answer as name “Anonymous” by using a “Input change Value” condition in the “Actions” replace the current nickname and that is it in the, there is no other way of knowing who replied, because everyone that ticks the box will be Anonymous :smiley:


I can make a couple of examples if you need.

For the nickname @dilon_perera believe satisfied the question.

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Hi @rorango620,
Here is an example where you can tick a box to choose to post as user or Anonymous:

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